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Sean and Kev are Contractors who have worked together for years. Filling their days with hard graft, banter and the occasional murder. Besides working with each other on site, they also moonlight together as contract killers.


This story is a day in the life of two best mates who's dangerous occupation gets more than out of hand.

We explore the lives and loves of the people who inhabit this twisted world. How their paths interweave and what is truly important to them. Whether it is friendship, love or just not getting shot in the head.

A darkly comic crime film that mixes the brutal with the poetic, the everyday with the outrageous.

In development




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Devil in the Fog

A chilling adventure for a 14 year-old boy in 18th Century England. 


For fourteen-year-old George Treet, life in his father’s travelling theatre company has been a non-stop adventure. Together, they travel from town to town, coaching-inn to tavern, in patched-up canvas wagons, a rag bag family with a golden future. Life on the road can be tough; there is plenty of applause but money is scarce, so the bag of coins delivered annually by The Stranger, a dark menacing figure who hands Mr Treet a sum of money and then disappears , is greatly appreciated.


The stranger’s visits strikes fear into Mr Treet with good reason. Treet has made a wretched bargain. As George turns 14 The stranger announces he will come no more and George is suddenly plunged into a strange new life full of threatening intrigue.

In development




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