Best Director Awards

BEST DIRECTOR - London Evcom Awards 2018 - Aviva Home Care Film

BEST DIRECTOR - Los Angeles Movie Awards 2016 - Short Film Waiting for Dawn

BEST DIRECTOR - San Francisco Film Festival 2011 - Short Film Trailing Dirt

BEST DIRECTOR - Promax UK 2006 - National Geographic brand commercial

BEST DIRECTOR - Promax World 2005 National Geographic Brand Advert

BEST DIRECTOR - IVCA Awards 2005 Barclays Brand Film

THE JOHN BRABOURNE AWARD - Short Film Trailing Dirt

Waiting for Dawn - Short Film
Trailing Dirt - Short Film
Commercials / Idents / Brand Films


2018 Unilever Home Care Film EVCOM industry Awards - Best Director


2018 Wrap Plastic Film Cannes TV & Media Awards - Best Environmental Issues Film

2018 Unilever Home Care Film Cannes TV & Media Awards - Best Image Film

2017 Collective Action  Film   EVCOM Industry Awards Gold Winner Film Craft Award of the year

                                               EVCOM Gold Winner for editing

                                               EVCOM Highly Commended for Marketing and PR

                                               CANNES Corporate Media & TV Awards - Gold Dolphin for Corporate image Films

                                               CANNES Corporate Media & TV Awards - Silver Dolphin for Marketing Communication

2016 Short Film Waiting for Dawn  -  Los Angeles Movie Awards  -  Best Director


2014 Holocaust Memorial Film - UNDPI (United Nations)        Special Gong Award

                                                    New York Film Festival          Finalist

                                                    IVCA Awards (2013)              Best Promo (Gold)

                                                                                                  Best Film (Bronze)

                                                                                                  Best Charity Film (Gold)


2013 NBCU ‘Spring Clean’ Promo - Promax New York             Best Image Promotion


2013 Canal+ ‘Desperate House Wives - Promax New York      Best Visual EFX


2012 British Forces Advert, - Promax Los Angeles                   Best Public Service Ann

         ‘Don’t Bottle It Up’         NY Advertising Awards               Finalist Human Concerns

                                               Europe Promax                          Best Public Service Ann

                                               IVCA Awards                              Best Public Service Ann   

                                               Global Awards (2011)                 Finalist Public Service

2011 Short Film Trailing Dirt  - San Francisco Film Festival -  Best Director


2011 British Gas ‘Swimming Film - New York Festival              Best Film


2010 ESPN 'It's Great To Be Here' - Promax World                  Best Sport Promo (Gold)

           Promax UK -                                                                   Best Sport Promo (Silver)




2010 NBCU 'Thriller Night' - Promax UK                                  Best Campaign (Silver)


2009 ATVOD Advert - Promax Europe                                     Best Int. Advert (Gold)


2009 GE 'Training' - IVCA Awards                                            Best Script (Gold)


2008 Setanta Sports 'Good Times' -  Promax World                Best Sport Promo (Gold)

                                                           Promax UK (2007)         Best Sport Promo (Gold)

                                    Shark Advertising Awards (2007)         Best Ident (Bronze)

                                                                                                  Best Sport Promo (Gold)



2007 PB TV 'Spice' - Promax World                                        Best Ident (Silver)


2007 Discovery 'Geshichte' - Promax World                           Best Campaign (Bronze)


2006 Nat Geo 'Donkey' - New York Festival                            Best Image (Finalist)

                                        Summit Creative Awards                 Best of Show

                                        Promax UK (2005)                           Best Director (Gold)

                                                                                                 Best Branding Image (Gold)

                                        Promax World (2005)                       Best Branding Image (Gold)

                                                                                                 Best Director (Silver)

                                        Promax Europe (2005)                    Best Campaign (Gold)

                           Shark Advertising Awards (2005)                 Best Factual (Silver)

                                         EBU Awards (2005)                        Best Image Promo (Gold)

                                   London International Awards                Best Media Promo (Finalist)


2005 Channel 5 Xmas Idents - Promax Europe                      Best Ident (Gold)


2005 Barclays Comm Film 'Jigsaw' - IVCA Awards                Best Director

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